FttP Survey Works

BDS has been a long-term planning partner for Virgin Media, working closely with the company since 2015.

  • Date: From 2015
  • Client: Virgin Media O2
  • Project Type: Strategic planning partner

About this Project

BDS is a telecoms surveyor team that prides itself on its precision and attention to detail. With over 20 highly experienced surveyors who are fully conversant with both ducted and overhead network survey, BDS has developed a reputation as a trusted partner for telecoms providers.

One of BDS’s key strengths is their ability to provide comprehensive survey data that facilitates efficient planning and execution of network expansion projects. Their surveys are of the highest standard, providing a solid basis for cost-effective premium quality designs from their Planning Team. This approach helps their clients plan with confidence, knowing that the survey data is accurate and complete.

    BDS’s proactive approach is another factor that sets them apart from other surveyor teams. Their surveyors are equipped with the skills to identify any potential issues that could arise during the survey process. This proactive approach allows them to take steps to prevent problems before they occur, minimizing delays and reducing costs.

    At BDS, the team understands the importance of accurate survey data and how it can impact the success of a project. They work closely with their clients to ensure that they fully understand their requirements and provide bespoke survey solutions to meet their needs. Whether it’s surveying for VMO2 Self-Build or Openreach PIA, BDS has the expertise to deliver a solution that meets their clients’ needs.

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